The 2017 Community Sentinel Award for
Environmental Stewardship

Celebrating the heroes who guard their communities from the harms of oil and gas development

Presented by: Americans Against Fracking, Earthworks, FracTracker Alliance, Halt The Harm Network, and Stop the Frack Attack

The impact of the oil and gas industry is visible in almost every community across the United States. As such, the thousands of volunteers working in their communities and cherished places to observe, measure, document, report, address, and limit impacts caused by activities of the oil and gas industry are invaluable. Their actions and advocacy make a tremendous difference in the collective fight to prevent environmental and public health harms from extraction and encourage a national transition to safer renewable forms of energy.

To honor these environmental stewards, in November 2017 the Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship was awarded to three individuals whose noble actions exemplify the transformative power of caring, committed, and engaged people.

Each awardee received $1,000 to perpetuate their efforts and was recognized at an award ceremony and reception on November 18, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA.