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Recent In The News

Below are select, recent articles in the press covering FracTracker Alliance and/or our work.

Mapping Sunoco’s drilling mud spills

August 1, 2017 – State Impact PA

Sunoco’s pipeline construction has resulted in 90 spills at 42 distinct locations across the state, according to new information provided as part of ongoing litigation. The amount of drilling mud spilled into aquifers, streams and wetlands across the state is estimated at about 220,000 gallons. Read more

Dozens testify against Trump administration’s proposed delay of key methane rule

July 10, 2017 – ThinkProgress

Dozens of people showed up at the Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters on Monday to speak out against the agency’s proposed two-year delay in the implementation of its methane rule for new and modified oil and gas drilling wells. Read more

Alberta a black hole for up-to-date fracking information

June 26, 2017 – CBC News Canada

There have been more than 1,000 hydraulic fracturing operations in Alberta since January. But finding out what’s happening in any region of the province right now is next to impossible. Read more

Ohio pipeline spill raises broader questions about oversight

May 12, 2017 – Midwest Energy News

Releases of more than two million gallons of drilling mud triggered federal and state agency actions against the developer of Ohio’s Rover Pipeline this month, and advocates suggest those incidents may be part of a bigger problem in the rush to develop Ohio’s shale oil and gas. “I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Ted Auch at FracTracker Alliance, with many other problems, he and others suspect, going undetected. “How many little spills are there?” Read more

Data trove offers new details on complaints to DEP during shale boom

January 31, 2017 – StateImpact PA

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection received 9,442 public complaints about environmental problems in areas where unconventional natural gas development occurred from 2004 to the end of November 2016, an investigation reported, unveiling a trove of documents from the state’s natural gas boom. Read more

Line Items

November 16, 2016 – American Metal Market

Despite new safety rules requiring retrofitting or replacement of tank cars used to transport oil by rail, a host of market conditions will at least delay any boost the steel industry could have foreseen from an increase in orders for the new rail cars. Read more

Fracking’s total environmental impact is staggering, report finds

October 15, 2016 – True Viral News

A new report from an environmental group claims kids and elderly people are more at risk from living close to fracking areas. Environment Texas released a report on Thursday detailing how many schools, hospitals, day care centers and nursing homes are within a mile of fracking wells. Read more

Latino Communities, Particularly in US Southwest, At Greater Risk of Cancer and Respiratory Diseases from Air Pollutants from Oil and Gas Industry, Report Finds

September 28, 2016 – Chron.com

Clean Air Task Force, League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Hispanic Medical Association, and Earthworks today released a report and interactive map that demonstrate, for the first time, the specific risks to Latino communities of diseases from airborne pollutants from oil and gas development. Read more